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High strength aluminium alloys from Hanover, the site where it all began. Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH

High strength aluminium alloys from Hanover, the site where it all began.

Our alloys: high-strength. Our production: extremely flexible. Our team: creative. Our location: Hanover, where continuous casting was invented. Leichtmetall produces its high-strength aluminium with an emphasis on conserving resources and energy efficiency, with a motivated team, completely flexible, according to your requirements.

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Aluminium is used wherever low weight and high strength is required. For Leichtmetall Aluminium Giesserei Hannover GmbH it means manufacturing numerous high-strength aluminium alloys for the aviation and aerospace industries as well as vehicle, power plant and mould-making construction: “hard alloys” of the highest quality.

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Top Quality Standards for Cast Aluminum Parts

Our Goal: Winning Hearts and Minds through Quality and Service. We cast various aluminum alloys to meet your specifications. We guarantee that the origin of all batches can be traced throughout the entire production process. Our certified quality standards ensure that all materials are checked on a constant basis, from all purchased items to the finished cast aluminum billets. Turned billets can also be subjected to underwater ultrasound testing if desired by the customer.

Help is always available when choosing the right alloy for your application – our team is always glad to advise you.

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Aluminium does not lose quality when it is reused. Metal loss is minimal when recycling, and the environmental advantage substantial. When aluminium is reused instead of extracting new aluminium, it saves 95% of the energy.

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